The only purpose in life is to communicate love.

Some things I have done


2007 Literary Arts, Oregon Book Award for Poetry, The Sky Position, Portland, OR

1998 Literary Arts, Oregon Literary Fellowship, Rococo Anerca, Portland OR


2016 exp3, Experimental Poetry, LA CA

2010 the raccoon, Poetry, Portland OR

2008 If Ever Then Always, Poetry, co-written w/ Curtis Knapp, Portland OR

2006 The Sky Position, Poetry, Portland OR

2003 dot dot or ( . . ), Poetry, Portland OR


2015 Prelude, NY NY

03-10 La Reata, London

96-98 Rococo Anerca, Portland OR


2016 exp3, Tom Blood and Jordan Dykstra, Val Verde Editions

2012 greatest hits, Tom Blood and Jordan Dykstra

2011 a June afternoon, Tom Blood and Jordan Dykstra

2010 Everybody Hurts, Rob Walmart, Marriage Records

2009 I’mYRDJ, Rob Walmart, Marriage Records

2008 Tire Iron, Rob Walmart, CD, Marriage Records

2008 Live Near KBOO, Rob Walmart, CD, Marriage Records

2006 The Sky Position, Tom Blood, Portland OR

2005 Contains the Hit, Rob Walmart, CD, Yarnlazer

2002 Is Orange Birds, DJ OR, CD, Marriage Records

2002 Advanced Drafts towards the Retrospective, Rob Walmart, 4xCD, Marriage Records

1999 Made in Canada, Rob Walmart, 3xCD, Cats on Earth

Selected Performances

2015 CalArts, LA CA

2015 Poetics Festival, Corvallis, OR

2014 Yale Union, Portland, OR

2014 Mississippi Studios, Portland OR

2010 West Coast Tour incl. Occidental College, LA, CA

2008 East Coast Tour incl. Knitting Factory, NY, NY

2008 West Coast Tour, incl. Lobot Gallery, SF, CA

2007 Oregon Poetry Festival, Silverton, OR

2007 Newport Public Library, Newport, OR

2006 Seattle Poetry Festival, Hugo House, Seattle, WA

2008 Catch That Beat, Astoria, OR

2007 West Coast Tour, incl. Brooks Art Center, Denver, CO

2006 Bumbershoot, Henry Gallery Satellite, Seattle, WA

2006 On The Boards, Seattle, WA

2006 PSU, Summer Park Blocks series, Portland, OR

03-07 What the Heck Fest, Anacortes, WA

2005 National Tour, incl. Arts Center, U of VA


2015 Castillo Corralles, Paris, France

2009 Department of Safety, Anacortes WA

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